Behind the curtain

We all have things that we love, we admire, we believe in. We all have our passions. The story of my passion started almost 30 years ago when I was a very young boy and the glamour of rock bands popular at that time put its spell on me. Their appearance and way of seeing the world was all I was interested in; My whole life started evolving around them and I wanted to be part of that. At the time I was unable to purchase any of the bass guitars available on the market and so I decided to make my own instrument from scratch. It was certainly no bed of roses, but the end result happened to truly surprise myself. From that moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. And so here our company stands so many years down the line, comprising of arguably one of the best teams of luthiers, instrument specialists and component suppliers from around the world. We pride ourselves in using only traditional wizardry of lutherie, still mainly carving by hand to achieve the shapes we desire. We trust in suppliers like Noll, John East, Bassculture, ETS and Gotoh to deliver an uncompromising level of quality. We have an element of snobbery about the woods we use, but this is paramount to reaching the consistent level of quality found in our instruments. Selecting the best examples of different exotic woods needed to achieve exceptional tonal qualities, is my greatest passion and I tend to spend hours and hours in timber yards sourcing planks of wood with beautiful grain designs that only mother nature could produce. Over the years my products have received great recognition and have won numerous awards around the globe. It makes me proud to know that our instruments are satisfying customers in all corners of the world. However, what I always try to remember while working on guitars is to keep the sound, playability and overall quality to the highest levels possible.
Roman Koc